Program Foundation

Mission Statement

Our mission in the Fullerton Boys Basketball Program is to create an environment that will allow our student athletes to grow as a team, as players, and most importantly as people. Success on and off the floor is a result of establishing a mentality that we can achieve more together if we use our individual talents to help one another.

Program Foundation

  • Work Ethic – This is consistent in every aspect of our lives. We will not get out worked.
  • Team First – Work to build relationships. Sacrifice individual attention for team identity.
  • Discipline – Accountability, fundamentally sound, not afraid to lose to make a point.
  • Passion – Communicate, build relationships, love practice more than games.
  • Trust – Trust teammates, coaches, & process.
  • Respect – We always respect ourselves, each other, and our opponents.

Program Goals

  • Provide an experience for young men that will teach them the value of teamwork, discipline, hard work, and respect.
  • Develop a reputation that is known for these four characteristics.
  • Create a bridge with feeder schools and provide skill and team camps for the youth in our community.
  • Get involved in programs on campus and in the local community to enhance the quality of life in Fullerton.
  • Develop a family like atmosphere with all of those who are part of the program including teaching staff, alumni, and the business community.
  • Help student athletes achieve success in the classroom and prepare them for whatever path they choose after high school.

The result of achieving these goals is success on the basketball court


How we are going to reach our goals:

  1. All coaches, players, and members of the program will conduct themselves in a professional manner that sets a good example for Fullerton Union High School.
  2. Coaches will approach their job as more than a coach of basketball. They are members of the FUHS staff and care about their players beyond the basketball court.
  3. Coaches and players will attend other events at FUHS.
  4. Basketball boosters and coaches will assist in providing our athletes with a positive high school experience and support the FHUS family.
  5. All coaches will monitor student progress in the classroom with bi-weekly grade checks and study halls. Extra help provided on an individual basis.
  6. The coaches and booster club will host events that will contribute to build the bond between members of the program.
  7. Special event nights at games (middle school, alumni night, etc….).
  8. Athletes and coaches will hold themselves to a higher standard than expected.
  9. Coaches must show passion for the game of basketball and Fullerton Union High School.
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